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AUT North Campus Community Gardens

The North Campus community gardens were initially established by the students and staff of a third-year Sport and Recreation paper to provide students with the knowledge and skills to grow their own fruit and vegetables. Since then, it has blossomed into a beautiful space where all members of AUT and the wider community are free to share and enjoy.

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Projects at AUT North Campus

Past and ongoing projects around campus.

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Sensory (Scholars) Garden

Where: Between the library and AJ block

Also known as the Scholars' Garden, the Sensory Garden provides a haven for visitors to relax and rejuvenate.

Located between the library and AJ block of AUT North campus.


Raised Garden Beds

Where: Outside AJ block

The eight garden beds have a range of vegetables and herbs for students to use including beetroot, parsley, lettuce, leek, spring onion, kale, silverbeet, pak choi and rosemary to name a few. 
The produce is for the community to enjoy. Please help yourself and respect other people working in this space.

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smiths bush.jpg

Native seedings of Smith's Bush

Where: Between Smith's Bush and campus

A long-term seed propagation project for supporting biodiversity and bird-life on campus.


Martariki garden

Where: AE building, North Campus

Traditionally Matariki known as Māori New Year acknowledges the dead and release of their spirits and is a time to reflect, be thankful, harvest and feast.

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Hangi pit

Where: Matariki Mara, AE block

A hangi, or traditional method of underground cooking using steam from heated stones, is historical and contemporary, symbolic and utilitarian, communal and individual; and reaffirms cultural values and beliefs. It is a central and vital component in the maintenance of tikanga (Maori cultural customs and practices).


Fruit orchard

Where: Behind the library

The fruit orchard is home to more than 50 fruit trees providing seasonal produce to staff and students year-round. You will find citrus, fejoa, and stone fruit as well as banana palm and taro.

North Campus: News & Updates

AUT North Campus community garden map

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