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Get Green with AUT Community Gardens

Building an Eco-Friendly Community

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AUT Community Gardens is centred on creating a better tomorrow. This is through educating and encouraging students and staff to grow their own food in a sustainable manner, without requiring their own space or long term commitment. If you would like to be involved with sustainable practices in the garden, including volunteering in composting or plantar box events, get in touch!

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AUT Sustainability Roadmap 

Core concepts achieved by the AUT CGI

Mauri ora I Well-being

Well-being is understood here in an expanded sense as we recognise that human well-being is dependent upon the well-being of the planet, and the web of life that supports and resources our endeavours. The AUT CGI was created as a sustainable initiative that benefits the holistic health and well-being of it's members, as well as protecting and preserving the land. Members involved in the garden are educated on sustainable practices such as composting and worm farms.

Ki Tua I Futures

Viable futures are inherent to sustainability and so a future thinking for well-being and prosperity is key. Through adopting initiatives like the CGI and educating future generations on these initiatives, nutritional literacy and sustainable education and action will be increased. Considering innovative ways to utilise the garden is also key to its success and sustainability.

Whanaungatanga | Connectivity

The well-being of planet and people is enabled by complex global systems, which connect across diverse regions, areas and functions. Actions and initiatives in this area include biodiversity conservation that encompasses socio-ecological perspectives, exploration of local and global ecosystem processes, investigation into ecologically responsible industries, and urban systems as well as infrastructures. The adoption of urban community gardens enhance biodiversity in cities and connect people to their food and the land, as well as encompassing sustainable consumption and production of food.

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Green Impact

Green Impact is a team-based sustainability program for AUT staff and students to make change towards a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable and resilient future. This internationally recognised competition provides practical actions that focus on combating issues in areas such as climate change, biodiversity loss and health and wellbeing in line with the Sustainability Development Goals. Teams undertake their choice of actions from a defined toolkit, compete against other AUT teams and get recognition for their efforts. 

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Sustainability: About

"The problems may seem daunting, but together we can change course"

Sir David Attenborough

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