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Fruit Orchard

What’s Happening


A strategic sustainability initiative

The AUT North campus started in 2018 with the planting of citrus trees by the raised vegetable garden beds. In a cove of what was once only grass behind the library and AF block, you will find rows of citrus, feijoa, and stone fruit, as well as a banana palm and taro grove.

The governing concept of the orchard is to provide produce and learning opportunities for students. There are also plans for the orchard to be part of an integrated circular food system to support the new cafe from the A1 building (coming in 2024)

Involving students

Fruit tree planting has been integrated into the nutrition components of first- and second-year Bachelor of Sport and Recreation students. The planting day provides an opportunity for students to participate in the broader community garden initiative and leave a legacy at AUT.


What's growing

  • Feijoa

  • Lemon

  • Lime

  • Mandarin

  • Apricot 

  • Plumcot 

  • Peaches 

  • Banana palms 

  • Taro 

Fruit Orchard: News & Updates

Join us in the orchard

Niven Winder talks about the fruit orchard as an AUT strategic sustainability initiative

Fruit Orchard: Video
Fruit Orchard: Pro Gallery
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