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Welcome to AUT South Campus Community Gardens


Raised garden beds

South campus is home to 12 raised garden beds.
Throughout the year, the beds located behind ME block host a range of student and community projects.

Manukau Gardening Club

Join us at Te Māra Kai Garden beds throughout the year on Mondays at 11 am

Meet new people, try something new and help cultivate gardens ki Manukau at South Campus on Mondays 11 am at Te Māra Kai Garden beds directly behind ME building.
All students are welcome to share knowledge, learn and cultivate herbs and vegetables. There's no need to register, you can just turn up. If you have any questions, speak to Te Mātāpuna Library & learning staff ki Manukau at South campus.


Pacific Food Lab – Aotearoa

Pacific Food Lab -Aotearoa and our project, "Let’s Meet in the Kitchen" are all about the power of food to bring us together to share and have fun, celebrate and eat great food.

On 5 February 2021, we officially launched Pacific Food Lab – Aotearoa in partnership with Auckland University of Technology’s (AUT) South Campus. This event saw PFL-A founding members Tracy Berno (AUT), Soane Pasi (chef) and Jason Burgess (journalist and photographer) introduce and implement “Let’s Meet in the Kitchen”, an initiative that was first started in the Pacific region with our PFL-NC colleagues. “Let’s Meet in the Kitchen” is a celebration of the power of food to bring us together as a community in a way that encourages sharing of ideas, information, knowledge, and of course, food.

Pacific food Lab – Aotearoa (PFL-A) is a partner organisation to Pacific Food Lab – New Caledonia (PFL-NC). The purpose of PFL-A is to contribute to resilient and sustainable food systems in Aotearoa/New Zealand and the broader Pacific region through educating and inspiring people to grow, cook and eat local food, and by supporting local food systems.


Pacific food Lab aims to develop a "beneficial" culinary culture in the South Pacific region, particularly in relation to the challenges that sustainable development presents. Working in partnership with PFL-NC and other like-minded people and organisations, PFL-A aims to support the development of resilient and regenerative food systems and to contribute to food-centric projects that contribute to the health and well-being of our communities. The long-term goal is to use food as a means to help improve the quality of people's lives, their prospects and potential, and the places where they live, work and play.

PFL-A comprises a small group of dedicated and enthusiastic friends who represent both practitioners (chefs, journalists, designers) and academics/scientists, all working together towards a common goal. Prior to the launch of PFL-A in Aotearoa/New Zealand, we worked alongside our colleagues in New Caledonia on a range of projects, including two events: the "Pacific Food Connection" symposium; and, the Fête des Produits Locaux (Festival of Local Products 1).

South Campus: News & Updates
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