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Native Tree Planting

What’s Happening

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An ongoing community project

Smith Bush is located in Northcote, a 5 minute walk from AUT North Campus.
Over the past years, students have been involved in an initiative of collecting, propagation and germination of seedlings from Smith Bush.

Seedling propagation

Native seeds collected from Smith's Bush are prepared for germination at AUT North campus.

Seedlings successfully harvested and grown include Kahikatea, Tairairi and Kohekohe.

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native seeds.jpg

The process

Steps for successful harvested included:

  • Collection: students collect seeds that are available at that time of year (March/April), and can be used or needed at campuses.

  • Germination: Seeds are placed in trays of seed raising mix at the correct depth and spacing for that species.

  • Propagation: Seed trays were placed in the nursery space, which has an irrigation system which we can set to run automatically and placed in more or less sun depending on species.

  • Monitor: weed as necessary, remove fallen leaves and wait to see what emerges. 

North campus native tree planting (2023)

North campus: 

Next to the bus walkway 

  • 9 Kauri, Agathis australis 

  • 3 Northern rata, Metrosideros robusta 

  • 5 Toro, Myrsine salicina 

  • 3 Miro, Prumnopitys ferruginea 

  • 3 Tanekaha, Phyllocladus trichomanoides 

  • 3 Rewarewa, Knightia excelsa 

  • 1 Rimu, Dacrydium cupressinum 

  • 3 Black Maire, Nestegis cunninghamii 

  • 3 Hinau, Eleocarpus dentatus 

  • 2 Makamaka, Ackama rosifolia 

  • 3 Oro oro, Nestegis montana 

  • 3 Taraire, Beilschmiedia taraire 

  • 1 Puriri, Vitex lucens 

By AF 

  • 3 Blue totora, Podocarpus totora “Matapouri Blue” 

By AA 

  1. 1 Rewarewa, Knightia excelsa 

Below car park seven 

  • 3 Ngaio, Myoporum laetum 

  • 6 Wharangi, Melicope ternate 

seedlings 2022.png
seeds  2022.png

South campus native tree planting (2023)

By the creek 

  • 150 Manuka, Leptospermum scoparium 

  • 6 Kahikatea, Dacrycarpus dacrydioides 

  • 1 Puriri, Vitex lucens 

  • 3 Taraire, Beilschmiedia taraire 

  • 3 Kowhai, Sophora microphylla 

On the motorway boundary 

  • 3 Rimu, Dacrydium cupressinum 

  • 3 Wharangi, Melicope ternate 

  • 3 Miro, Prumnopitys ferruginea 

Native Tree Planting: News & Updates

From our students

Follow 2023 Lifestyle Nutrition students Alistair Vermeulen, Ben Weston, Liting Guo, and Bharat Mishra through their Smith's Bush project.

Native Tree Planting: Video
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