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Projects in and around the AUT Community gardens that you can get involved with!

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Ongoing Projects

Past and upcoming projects in and around the AUT Community Gardens

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Green Impact Programme

Where: AUT Campuses/across the community

When: Every year


Green Impact is a team-based sustainability programme for staff and students to make change towards a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable and resilient future. This internationally recognised competition provides practical actions that focus on combating issues in areas such as climate change, biodiversity loss and health and wellbeing in line with the Sustainability Development Goals. Teams undertake their choice of actions from a defined toolkit, compete against other AUT teams and get recognition for their efforts

AUT Outdoor Classroom

Where: AUT Akoranga Campus

When: Ongoing


The AUT Outdoor Classroom, fronted by Mark Jones, was originally created as a suitable space for students of the Outdoor Education Major in the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation. Although the classroom is used mostly by OE students for field-trip planning and learning 'feral' outdoor skills, the space is also open for the community to utilise and enjoy for recreational activities. It provides a great alternative space for teaching in general, conducting meetings, having lunch, or just escaping to a unique space on campus. The next project in this space is to build a compostable toilet! Check out the classroom being built in this YouTube video.

sensory garden.jpg

AUT North Sensory Garden

Where: AUT Akoranga Campus
When: Ongoing

The AUT Sensory garden was designed and developed by Gayle Souter-Brown as part of her PHD research. The garden was designed to as a health promotion tool to measure the beneficial effects of a sensory garden on the health and well-being of people in the community. Anyone is free to use the gardens and they are located next to the AUT North CGI initiative between the library and AJ block.

Matariki Planting Day

Where: AUT Akoranga campus
When: Matariki Day 2021 (2/7/2021)

Matariki (Māori New Year) is celebrated in June/July of each year. The Matariki gardens were created to celebrate Matariki and bring together people and groups from all walks of life, creating a space to learn, share knowledge and connect with the land and their unique ancestry. The gardens can be found outside the Whānau room at AUT North and are open to the community.


Garden workshops

Where: AUT Akoranga campus
When: Past/ongoing

Gardening workshops take place regularly across the three campuses. This one was run in April by Foodie Godmother, AUT Sustainability and Kaipatiki Environment Centre to educate people on planting and harvesting in raised beds. Keep your eyes peeled for further events and gardening workshops surrounding planting, composting, Bokashi, worm farms and more!

Compost Collective

Where: Multiple locations
When: Projects ongoing

Compost Collective is an Auckland based organisation that holds various gardening and composting workshops across many locations. In the past, events have been held at all three of AUT's Campuses and Gardens. Events and workshops are regular and you can find their event calendar below.

Vegetable Garden
Plant Nursery

Organic Gardening Techniques Course

January 12, 2020

Come to our Organic Gardening Techniques Course class for a truly unique opportunity to learn something new. Meet other community members who share similar interests and enrich your understanding of our Community Garden. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge, socialize with friends, and gain practical skills all at the same time.

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Gardening Introductory Course

January 12, 2020

Join our Gardening Introductory Course workshop for an opportunity to engage with our garden and other community members. Taking courses at our Community Garden is a great way of getting to know other like-minded individuals with similar interests while learning useful skills and benefiting from some fresh air.

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Pacific Food Lab - Aotearoa

Where: AUT South Campus
When: ongoing

Pacific Food Lab -Aotearoa and our project, "Let’s Meet in the Kitchen" are all about the power of food to bring us together to share and have fun, celebrate and eat great food.

Contact us

90 Akoranga Drive, Northcote, Auckland 0627

Past Events


Past Event AUT North
Garden workshop

August 5th, 2020

An event focused on how to start a vegetable garden and what to plant all year round.

OC 2.jpg

Past Event AUT North
Working Bee Outdoor Classroom

June, 2019

A working bee was organised to build the AUT Outdoor Classroom for OE students! The next project coming up is a compostable toilet.


Past Event AUT North
Matariki planting day

June, 2019/ 2020

The Matariki planting day was held at AUT North Campus Matariki gardens in 2019 and will be held again in July 2021. Keep checking for more details.

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