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Students in the community

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Oke Charity: Welcome

Oke Charity

Where: Manukau, varied locations
When: 2023
Who: Vernel, Jarryd, Henry and Micheal

As participants of the AUT Lifestyle Nutrition paper, our group of four students actively engaged in Oke Charity's community service initiatives at Kingsford Primary in Mangere South Auckland. In addition to physically constructing the garden beds, we also played a significant role in the project's planning and logistical aspects in collaboration with Oke Charity. This experience has provided us with invaluable perspectives and served as a reminder of the importance of staying connected with the land, as well as understanding the historical foundations of food and agriculture through generations of practice. Despite the labour-intensive nature of building garden beds, the subsequent appreciation of the work undertaken has reinforced our belief in the significance of sustaining agriculture and promoting the cultivation of vegetation and plantations.

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Oke Charity: Service
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